# 23 — ZORB!!

College graduation.  Yes, I did the 5 year plan, but it's all good!!  University of Texas at Arlington.

23 years old; my college graduation. Yes, I did the 5 year plan, but it’s all good!! University of Texas at Arlington.

So let me ask you a personal question:  Have you ever zorbed???  Okay, I don’t really know if that’s a verb, but I just made it one!   To zorb is to strap yourself in a giant bouncing ball and roll/bounce down a long hill.  The ball is called a zorb, therefore I zorbed for #23.  But I didn’t do it alone, my friend Jenn went with me.  I don’t think zorbing is the sort of thing to do by yourself because you have to make sure the other didn’t throw up when they exit the zorb, or if they did, you want a friend rather than one of the staff to help you!!  Plus, it’s just more fun to have a friend to play with!  And since you’re probably wondering, no, I didn’t throw up and neither did Jenn, but I’ll bet some do!!

053 (800x600)

We went to Amesbury Sports Park to check out this “thing.”   We both agreed that the biggest dilemma we both had before going was what to wear!  What DOES one wear to ride in a  zorb??   Plus it was a cool day–jeans? Shorts?  Active wear?  Bathing suit?  I think we did okay, but I decided I wish I had worn shorts.  Oh well!  Here we are, and you can see the zorbs behind us.   You have two options:  the dry, harnessed zorb or the wet zorb.  I opted for the dry because I was told the wet was like being in a washing machine!  That didn’t appealing at all, but after watching a couple of kids do it, it actually looked fun!  But it was the dry harness for us.

I went first because I need to Jenn to be my “camera person.”

033 (800x600) 038 (800x600)
Getting in was not terribly graceful, but I guess with a zorb, grace is the last thing you’re thinking about!

045 (600x800)
It took a few minutes to get settled and all strapped in, but I’m ready to go!!

There is that moment just before the zorb is released that you’re thinking “Wait, why am I doing this?”

046 (600x800)    050 (600x800)
And I’m off!  Bouncing and rolling, rolling and bouncing.  Going, going… Gone.

Jenn came next and when we met and regrouped at he bottom of the hill. We agreed that it was fine, and fun.  The ball itself was very hot which surprised me.  I thought it would be airier, but no.  As we were bouncing down the hill we both had thoughts and fears of the ball popping!! Sometimes it seemed like the ball needed more air, but I guess if it were too full, there would be a better chance of the big pop!   If you have any issues with motion sickness, this NOT the experience for you!   I don’t have a problem, but when I got out, I’ll admit my stomach did feel a little uneasy.   That shouldn’t be surprising considering you’re going head of heel, bouncing, and being tossed around.  I knew then that I could check this  off the list and that I didn’t need to do it again.  However, the hydro ball looked like a very different experience, so we were both up for trying it later.  In the mean time, we decided to take a break and try out the other fun activity offered…astro turf tubing!  Who knew?

036 (800x600)
That was fun!   There are sprinklers on the course so that there’s little chance of you staying completely dry, which would be great for a hot summer day!  The day Jenn and I were there was not hot, it was cool and overcast, but the water still made it more fun.  The bottom of the hill was very muddy, so luckily neither of us had good shoes on!!  We did a few rounds of tubing and then decided we needed to take a break.

057 (800x600)
Adult beverages, pizza and french fries were our reward!!  Classy, right?  LOL!!  The drinks were pretty good I must say.  It was a nice way to relax and settle down after all that activity!  It was a fun day, no question about it!!  I’d definitely go back for tubing and try the hydro zorb.  Jenn and I are making plans for the winter when they have snow tubing!!

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3 thoughts on “# 23 — ZORB!!

  1. Elizabeth Griffett

    You should have had the fries and soda before the ball – th

  2. Hah! I woulda tossed my cookies! You’re awesome!!

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